Current Work

This body of work is an investigation of the relationship between object, touch, and meaning.  I'm particularly interested in how seeing wear on an object effects us emotionally, whether that evidence be softening of surface as a result of repeated touch, or signs of careful repair.  I want to draw attention to how these relationships reveal our human inclination toward hope, and our deep need for spiritual anchoring. 

These objects are fired to a low bisque temperature and then sawdust fired. 


Past Work

 This body of work from 2001-2011 explored themes of protection, vulnerability, and what we value, through the form of the box.  Included are images of work made between 2006 and 2011.

These are mixed media pieces using various combinations of ceramic, wood, metals, fabric, paint, gemstone, and found  object.  This work is no longer available.


I earn my living by making functional pottery.  My work can be found at the Maine Potter's Market, at the fine craft shows listed on our find us page, at our semi-annual home sales, and can also be purchased by contacting us directly.

This work is primarily salt fired.